Dr. Yusur Al Suleiman

Dr. Yusur Al Suleiman

General Ophthalmologist

About Dr. Yusur Al Suleiman

Dr. Yusur Al Suleiman is a highly skilled ophthalmologist with a passion for delivering exceptional care. She earned her Medical Degree with distinction from Damascus University in 2012 before specializing in Ophthalmology at Tishreen Army Hospital, Syria. Her expertise is recognized by the Syrian Board in Ophthalmology.

Having served as an Ophthalmology Specialist in Oman, Dr. Al Suleiman has positively impacted numerous patients with her advanced treatments and compassionate approach. She has also pursued additional training in Egypt, further enhancing her skills.

Committed to excellence, Dr. Al Suleiman is dedicated to providing personalized care and raising awareness about eye health. With a blend of expertise and empathy, she continues to make a profound difference in the lives of her patients.